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It all began aftermath of World War II in a small town in the south of Italy and precisely in Eboli in 1949, when Domenico Gioia and his wife Wanda bought from a Italo-American man a grocery shop in the center of the city where, in addition to the sale various products, green coffee was toasted in the back of the shop and blends were created only for the store customers. The demand for coffee increased from year to year and came not only from the fellow citizens of the Gioia family, but olso from customers who came from all over the province to buy the good coffee from Gioia roasting. To satisfy the ever growing demand of coffee, in 1958 the coffee was ground and packaged manually in the same shop. The commercial activity of the shop, combined with the artisanal production of coffee continued for about thirty years, until requests for supplies began to arrive also from the bars and food shops in the area; at that point Domenico and his family decided to dedicate on the production and selling of coffee. The production was dislocate to the historic headquarters in Apollo 11 street, where the staff and equipment necessary for the new activity were expanded. In 1981, Caffè Domenico Gioia Srl was established and the Caffè Gioia brand was registered which still today, after a restyling that took place in the late 90s, identifies the entire range of products of the Campania company. The passion and dedication for this activity have remained unchanged over time, favoring the constant search to innovation without ever neglecting the craftsmanship that has always distinguished the company in the creation of highest quality blends. And thanks to the quality of products that the company is present in more than 40 countries on the five continents. Over the years the company has undergone several corporate transformations up to the recent merger by incorporation of Caffè Domenico Gioia Srl into Labcaffè Srl and the transformation of the latter into Sas, a company of the same group created in 2002 with the aim of reorganizing the distribution and sale of the parent company and which includes the second and third generation of the Gioia family.